Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sweet n sour amla chutny

this chutny is a tasty way to include amla in your diet. In today's fast paced life we don't even find time to buy something like amla, let alone cook it in so many different ways...............i myself do not agree to toil in the kitchen much n believe in simple n nutritious food. Practically all the recipes i cook are very simple to follow, and one very funny thing i want to share here is, that all my friends n relatives think that i am the most nutrition concious person on earth n keep asking me something or the other about what to eat for hair , skin or liver n so on. Whenever i make a chutny or achar or a preserve, i have to make it in large quantities , it has to reach a few couple of dining tables.... i like it and the most satisfying thing is that, they start making those recipes afterwards n pass on to others too.......no wonder , these herbs, or any other fruits or vegetables, prepared in a certain way or combination are so effective to treat some chronic ailments that you always end up recommending others about it.

now coming to the sweet n sour amla chutny, it can be served with any meal of the day, or can be enjoyed with roti, paratha or other breads, as it is. the spices used here can be adjusted to suit individual taste.

amla 500gms
sugar or preferably gur 600 gms
salt 1/2 tsp
black pepper1 tsp
green and black cardamum 2 nos. each
cloves 4-5 nos.
cinnamon stick 1 inch piece


deseed the amla berries and put them in mixie to make a coarse paste.
powder all the spices together n keep aside.
now put this paste with salt and sugar into a pan and cook on medium heat untill cooked n reduced in quantity....it should look like jam when ready........takes around 45 minuts or more...............while cooking it needs to be stirred frequently.
when ready, mix the powdered masalas into it quickly n put off the flame .
fill into sterilised glass bottles when cool .
it can stay for the whole year on room temperature.

the quantity of sugar can be reduced in this recipe , but then the chutny should be kept in the fridge for a fortnight or so. [ to control calory intake]

another such recipe is more like a chyavanprash , cooked in the same manner, with a few changes in the ingredients which i am writing below

amla 300 gms
fresh ginger roots 200 gms
sugar, gur or mollases 700 gms
black pepper 1 tsp
long pepper 7-8 nos.
cloves 8-10 nos.
cinnamon stick 2 inch piece
green cardamom 5-6 nos.
bay leaves 5-6 nos.
ghee 100 gms

all ingredients should be cooked together on a low flame, stirring frequently till a jam like consistency is achieved.............cool n store in sterilised glass bottles.

this should be taken with hot milk to stay warm in winter months.

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