Tuesday, January 27, 2009

amla chutny

recently i experimented with a few more recipes of amla chutny and they were superhit......appreciated by everybody.

one of the chutnys i made was using preserved amla , as i have posted earlier,amla preserved with 15% salt is ground with equal amounts of garlic pods and dry whole red chillies......no additional salt is required and the chutny can be kept on room temperature if 2% vinegar is added to it...............it is so tasty you'd want to eat it with each n everything.

the other recipe i tried was when i made rawa idlies for breakfast one day.........since i am on low cal diet i wanted to minimise coconut in the chutny and added a liberal amount of amla to it..........the result was amazing......the chutny vanished within minutes..............and everybody ate amla without even knowing it......see the recipe


amla 5 nos.
coconut 1/8 of a whole nut
green chillies 6
garlic cloves 8
chana daal soaked for 20 minutes 1/2 cup
ginger 1 inch piece
salt to taste


deseed the amla and grind the amla and coconut first in the grinder cuz it is a bit difficult to grind them fine with other ingredients.........add all the other things and make a fine paste and serve with or without a tempering.

for tempering heat 1 tsp of oil with a pinch of hing , 1 tsp of mustard seeds and a red whole chilly and put over the chutny and serve.


  1. i am a nutrition researcher with good exposure to ayurveda. as i understand chilli is a new addition to indian cooking -17th century. so i am not too convinced of its usage in recipes.

    Can u provide VPK effect of ur recipes so that people can use them according to their constitution? that would be very useful

  2. thankyou anonymous for your good sugestion about discussing VPK effects of the recipes, i'll try it from now on....

    about chillies being of foreign origin, it is absolutely right, but every food has some nutrient value n so has the humble chilly......i am writing a separate blogpost about this ,please see if possible..