Sunday, January 11, 2009

the home remedies i am using these days

after all these amla preparations i thought of sharing the other things which i am using in this winter season to keep the coughs n colds and those aches n pains in control.

actually there are two of these preparations which are a must in my household and i get good feedback from whoever i suggest these is the haldi, methi, sonth powder which is very good for joint pains and the other is the haldi wala dudh which cures cough n cold of children as well as adults.................

haldi- methi- sonth powder


haldi or turmeric dried rhizomes[sabut haldi]
sonth or dried ginger rhizomes
methi seeds

all these ingredients are needed in equal quantity............if a person is suffering with haemorrhoids, the quantity of sonth can be reduced to half.

all the ingredients have to be cleaned, dried in sun or in microwave on low power and then ground in a mixie separately so as to make a fine powder......then mix it together and sieve to get a fine powder......keep this powder in an airtight container..........stays good for 6 months.

this powder has to be taken daily first thing in the morning with lukewarm water[ 1 tsp]
in acute joint pains, another dose can be taken at bed time and at this time it can be taken with milk............just pour hot milk over 1 tsp powder placed in a cup, add sugar and drink while still hot.

haldi wala dudh

this hot milk drink works very well when you catch your cold in an early stage, ie, when you start wheezing, sneezing and getting that rashy feeling in the thraot.......if you act at this stage and drink a cup of this milk twice or thrice, within a day, the next day will be cold free.......


milk one cup
haldi powder 1 tsp
ghee 1 tsp


boil milk and keep aside

in a smal pan heat ghee n add the haldi powder to it.when haldi powder is fried, immediately add hot milk over it. let it boil again once and add sugar to taste.........mixing hot milk this way homogenises the turmeric with it......and after frying the haldi powder in ghee, all its extract comes to the ghee, which is then emulsified with milk........readily absorbed by the inner mucosa.........and acting fast to cure the inflammation.................try it and tell me........many people thank me for this one.


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  4. Thank you very much for sharing such easy home remedies! Haldi has been known to reduce Vaata problems. Adding Saunth enhances its effect. Similarly, Haldi wala Doodh is also a traditional home remedy. But I did not know about frying Haldi with Ghee. Thank you!!